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M.O.M. Software for doctors

Vrunda Computing prepares medical office management software for doctors. This software allows easy way of maintaining patients records, write prescriptions, certificates, letters with very little typing effort. It also supports Indian language fonts for writing instructions to the patients. Most of the things doctors can do with few mouse clicks. This software was sponsored by Zydus Cadila and it is ditributed to doctors free of cost by Zydus Cadila through their medical representatives.

Any doctor interested in this software should request Zydus Cadila representative, or make telephone call to phone number 079-26868468

Web based Intranet/Internet applicatins.

We have a range for web application for pharmaceutical companies and educational establishmnets based on Java Servlet Technology / JSP platform as under.
1 Medical Service Portal
Medical service portal software is network software intended for medical and marketing department of a pharmaceutical company. This software allows PMT / Medical department to keep medical knowledge base of pharmaceutical products in well organized from. [ Details ]
2 Discussin Forum Application
This web application is designed to create on-line discussion board forum for specialist. In this web application enrolled members can initiate discussion by posting an article into one of the subject folders crated by the web site administrator. Other enrolled members can read the posted articles, and post their own comments on the article they are reading, and propagate the discussion process further. [ Details ]
3 Pharma SMS Application
Pharama SMS is a web based application specially designed for PMT / Market Support department of pharmaceutical companies to send SMS in large numbers.
  • Web based interface ( Intranet site accessed by Internet Explorer or FireFox Browser )
  • Ability to send bulk SMS in thousands.
  • Ability to send bulk Email form the same interface.
  • SMS is routed through Internet SMS gateway. You do not need any mobile phone or data cable to connect to computer. Simple connection to Internet is needed. It works through proxy servers and corporate firewalls. Network security is not compromised. [Details]
4 Web Quiz Application
WebQuiz is a network based web application software for the use of companies, educational establishments and Government agencies to conduct large scale examinations on network. With this web application any educational body or government agency can take online examination of candidates appearing for public exams. This software system can be deployed on Internet as formal web site or on secure corporate network ( LAN ) as Intranet web application. The examiner himself (without help of IT professional) can design various question sets and create unlimited number of objective type multiple choice questions (MCQ) for conducting examination of candidates. [Details]

Specialty CDs for Product Promotion

The Specialty CD provides scientific information about the product newly launched by pharmaceutical company. The CD contents include product monograph, product related frequently asked questions (FAQs) and prescribing information. The subject matter is presentaed in decorative HTML format, which hyperlinks, decorative banners, dynamic sliding table of contents, using latest HTML 4 features.

Download a sample of scientific product monograph

In addition the CD also contains lot of knowldege resource material download from the Internet belonging to public domain. The material includes: Abstracts / Free full text articles from reputed medical journals related to products, Internet reviews and current therapeutic guidelines from international agencies about the disease conditions for which the product is indicated.

Training material for Medical Representatives

We prepare E-books for pharmaceutical company's training department The E-book contains:
(1) Training notes
(2) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(3) Product Knowlege Quiz

Download a sample of E-book for training of pharmaceutical representatives.

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