Vrunda Computing is a software firm started by Dr. Sharad Kelkar in the year 1995. This firm makes software for medical profession and pharmaceutical industry. We have range of both desktop software and web applications for Intranet and Internet

Software for medical profession

Vrunda Computing prepares medical office management software for doctors. This software allows easy way of maintaining patients records, write prescriptions, certificates, letters with very little typing effort. It also supports Indian language fonts for writing instructions to the patients. Most of the things doctors can do with few mouse clicks.

Software for pharmaceutical industry

We prepare wide range of web based software solutions for pharmaceutical companies.
These include, corporate medical portal, promotional CDs and scientific material for field officer's training.

new (1K)    Web Quiz Application

WebQuiz ™ is network based Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs )exmaination system. This web based software is meant for students to prepare for competitive entrance examinations like GUJ-CET, Pre-Medical Entrance etc. Sitting at home students can take mock tests and prepare themselves for final exams. They will be exposed to good quality question bank which will enhance their confidence.

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